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Let's build a better world together

Dignity Aid International was founded in November 2022 in Odesa, Ukraine to respond to the needs of internally displaced persons fleeing war. Our mission is to bring respect and love to every interaction with refugees, volunteers, and partners. For a better world ✊


We provide food donations directly purchased in local supermarkets

Hygiene Items

We help people meet basic hygiene needs with dignity


We partner with local organizations and create connections


We help people find ways to help in unique and personalized ways

About Us

Humanitarian aid with dignity and kindness

Dignity Aid International is a new NGO (non-governmental organization) dedicated to providing humanitarian aid with maximum dignity at minimum cost. We operate on the principle of equality for every recipient of aid and for every volunteer, employee, and partner. We strive to provide aid using volunteer labor wherever possible to maximize the effect of our many small private donors. And we seek to respond to the most difficult challenges facing humanity with dignity and kindness.

Create connections between local organizations

Bring together volunteers from around the world

We are continually looking to respond to humanity’s most difficult problems.

Key Partner

The Merch Republic

Involved in the Ukraine emergency response since the first days of the full-scale invasion, The Merch Republic founder Karsten Fuhrken has contributed enormously to relief efforts in the country. The company is currently collaborating with Dignity Aid International to supply a humanitarian center in the village of Muzykivka, just outside of Kherson, Ukraine.

Let us work together to make a difference

We are looking for volunteers in the Ukraine Odesa region.

How you can help

We Appreciate You

Every dollar counts. We do our best to ensure that every donation goes 100% to direct humanitarian aid to recipients, whether food, hygiene items, or information on where to find medical help or other basic necessities.

Our Partners