• Pantemeinolivs’ka, 76, Odesa, Ukraine, 65000

Progress Report

Ukraine Six-Month Report

Nov 2022-May 2023

Executive Summary

Dignity Aid International started operations in Odesa, Ukraine on November 27, 2022. Since that time, Dignity Aid volunteers, in partnership with more than a dozen local and international organizations, have coordinated or participated in the following actions:

  • Dignity Aid has directly distributed or indirectly facilitated the distribution of humanitarian aid worth more than $85,000 (USD), as contained in the following projects:
  • Weekly distributions of food, medicines, and other donated items at the Odesa Psychiatric Hospital, with total distributed goods worth more than $15,000 over 6 months
  • Planning and execution of a shop-based dignified distribution of hygiene items and construction materials in Kherson Oblast, with total distributed goods worth more than $15,000
  • Coordination of the delivery of 1,500 IMC hygiene kits and 700 personal shopping trolleys in Kherson Oblast, with total distributed goods worth more than $50,000
  • Purchase and packaging of hygiene kits and Christmas packages for delivery to formerly occupied villages in Dnipro Oblast, with total distributed goods worth more than $5,000
  • Planning and execution of more than a dozen needs assessments in towns and villages formerly occupied by military force for 8+ months, resulting in tens of thousands of dollars of aid being directed toward those areas by NGO partners
  • Support and training for four local partners (Charity Hospitals, Plich-o-Plich, Manifest Mira, and Be an Angel Ukraine), resulting in increased efficiency and a higher level of service for recipients of humanitarian aid
  • Coordination between local partners and international volunteers coming to respond to the crisis
  • Started US 501(c)(3) (NGO) registration, estimated completion in fall 2023